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Pre-order Beef package  STOCK DEAL     

20 lbs at $9.00 per lb for $180.00 

Your discount is $20.50 of the regular price.

9 lbs ground beef lean


Your choices

11 lbs beef cuts of your choice

1 roast 

Round roast

Blade roast

Shoulder roast 

Cross Rib roast

Eye of Round roast


1 package stew



1 package steak

Blade steak 

Round steak


1 package steak

Sirloin steak 

Sirloin Tip steak


1 package steak

Rib steak

T-bone steak


Beef Stock Deal

C$200.50 Regular Price
C$180.00Sale Price
Fresh beef expected by the end of June
  • Please send a message or make a call to Hannah 6133129811. I will contact you as soon as it has arrived.

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